July 14, 2024

José Ignacio, Uruguay

Ama Amoedo

FAARA residency (Fundación Ama Amoedo Residencia Artística) is designed so that artists from Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American diaspora can delve into their different practices in a natural environment that provides support and concentration. Intended to stimulate research, it’s a program that the Foundation helps to personalize for each visiting artist. FAARA connects residents with cultural workers and people of interest, and provides the time and space for research, production, and the development of new artistic outlets.

Through a rigorous process carried out by a rotating Selection Committee of curators and art specialists that rotates in each edition , six artists are invited each year to participate in a six weeks residency. FAARA hosts two artists at a time for three annual cycles. In each period, two artists share a work-live space at Casa Neptuna, a house specially commissioned to Argentine artist Edgardo Giménez, located just meters away from the ocean, and nestled in a native forest in José Ignacio, Uruguay.

During the residency, artists participate in a program of activities specially designed to fit their research and artistic interests, have the opportunity to do online studio visits with the Selection Committee, and present their work to the local community in a public program at the SUBTE Museum of Contemporary Art in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Foundation covers travel expenses and awards a grant to each artist at the end of the residency.

FAARA Sur residency is aimed at bringing together artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers, art historians and curators in a specific creative production encounter, with the objective of encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue between cultural agents from Latin America, the Caribbean and the diaspora. Its intention is to provide time and space for concentration on specific tasks linked to project development, creating a framework to critical thinking, creative reflection, reading and connection with the environment.

Its modality invites two residents to share a work-live space in Casa Neptuna, a house specially commissioned to the Argentine artist Edgardo Giménez, located meters from the sea and nestled in the native forest in José Ignacio, Uruguay. Participants are proposed by a Nominating Committee; then selected and invited by the Foundation. The duration of the residency is flexible and could range from one to four weeks.

Residents will have the possibility to use the residency for a pre-existing project and research or to focus on a specific new proposal. The residency proposes an exchange among the residents that favors communication, stimulates their interests, and enhances their creative pursuits. The Foundation covers travel expenses and grants a per diem for each participant.