May 28, 2024

José Ignacio, Uruguay

Ama Amoedo


Adriana Bustos

Adriana Bustos (Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 1965) graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Psychology at University of Córdoba (Argentina). Her work develops a narrative discourse around social, political and religious oppression, with a non-linear interpretation of history. She participated in the biennials Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh, 2020), Site Santa Fé (United States, 2014) and the Montevideo Biennial (Uruguay, 2014-2020). She received the Azcuy Award (2020), among others, and participated in exhibitions in institutions and galleries such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and Kadist (San Francisco). Her works are part of the collections of the Reina Sofia Museum and the ARCO Foundation (Spain), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Medellin (Colombia) and the Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires (Argentina). Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

During FAARA residency, Bustos revisited her work from the Montevideo Biennial (2014), an investigation on the historical anchoring of the construction of national identities in the Río de la Plata. In that line, she investigated the utopian projects of Francisco Piria, Antonio Lussich and Humberto Pittamiglio from the early 19th century, in Uruguay. She visited Piriápolis, the Lussich Arboretum in Punta del Este and the Pittamiglio Castle in Montevideo.

  • Adriana Bustos. Fires, 2022.
    Acrylic, graphite and silver leaf on canvas. 200 x 200 cm.
  • 2.
  • Adriana Bustos. Burning Books, 2017.
    Pencil on paper, wood and glass. 156 x 78 cm.
  • 3.
  • Adriana Bustos. Nasa, 2016.
    Acrylic, graphite and gold leaf on canvas. 110 x 185 cm.
  • 4.
  • Adriana Bustos. Turist Map, 2014.
    Acrylic, graphite and silver leaf on canvas. 166 x 290 cm.
  • 5.
  • Adriana Bustos. Leonor and her ilusion, 2008, and Yolanda and Leonor’s Ilusion, 2008.
    Diptych. Direct shot photography. 125 x 125 cm each.